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My Life Lessons of 2017

2017 was such a transformative year. Both good and bad.
I’ve learnt so much about myself and what matters to me the most. This past year, has taught me so many valuable lessons and I hope 2018 is no different.
After taking a much needed break this past Holiday season, I’ve given a lot of thought on the direction of where my blog was going.

I’ve been thinking about posting some content that’s a little different than my usual beauty focus – and really, there isn’t a better place to talk about it other than here, on the blog.
Don’t worry though – my in-depth reviews and what’s new in the beauty world will still be in heavy rotation but I can’t help but want to share more of my personality and other thoughts with you.

A few weeks into the New Year and I’ve been inspired to share what’s been on my mind and what I’ll be working towards this year. I’ve rounded up my thoughts in sections, so it’s easier to understand what’s been on my mind lately.

For so long, every area in my life was going great but something was always missing. The thing that was missing was my general health.
At the beginning of 2017, my overall fitness level was nothing to be proud of. Fitness and health have always been the areas of my life that I’ve had to most challenges with. Sure, I went to the gym a few times a week and ate what I thought was “healthy”, but I was still not feeling better or seeing any results.
After speaking with a good friend about her fitness journey, I decided to jump into Crossfit.
I know what you’re thinking – omg, you’re one of those crazy Crossfit people?  Yes, Yes I am.
Since last May, I’ve been hitting the gym 5 days a week and have completely changed my diet and lifestyle. On top of that, I can honestly say Crossfit has been my life saver.
During that one hour at the gym, I’m no longer accessible. No phone, no email -- just me and the workout of the day. What I’ve learnt is that fitness is not a destination; it’s a real journey with ups and downs.
This has been my best life lesson of 2017. I still have ways to go but I’m enjoying the changes with my body, so far on my new journey.

This has been a tricky topic for me in 2017. As much as I love how connected we can be in seconds, to anyone around the world; it can also be the one thing that disconnects you completely with reality.
Last fall, I took a serious break from Instagram, specifically. I needed a break from all the noise that was happening on the platform. Everyone being in competition with each other and photo after photo, all you see is “make believe” unrealistic expectations that don’t add any benefit to my overall wellbeing. If anything, it took away from my creativity and made me feel tired and over it. There’s only so much fake news I can deal with.
What I learned most about myself is that I really like some privacy.
I’m not that into taking “selfies” and feel awkward about posting anything that’s “self-promoting”.
I’m a typical artist, I guess.
After my three month break, I’ve done some serious social detox and have cleaned up my social media life. I no longer feel the need to post every day or about all the aspects of my life, unless I’m genuinely excited about what’ s going on and want to share in that moment.
My wedding was beyond perfect.
I still pinch myself thinking about how lucky both my husband and I are, to have had such a perfect day.
Our planning process was longer than most, because we were engaged for 2 years by the time we were married. We had so much time to really think about what we wanted and what things were the most important to have.
I must say, I learnt pretty quickly that my husband was going to be very hands-on and opinionated on the simplest of things. Apparently, reception chairs are a hot topic of discussion.
They say that you keep learning about your partner each day. This is not a lie, people.

What I recommend to anyone that’s getting married is do what YOU want to do.
I can’t stress this enough and I know it’s easier said than done, but if you follow through with the shit you don’t want to do you will have regrets and just be pissed off in the end.
I also recommend keeping things simple.
This was my secret and I am so happy I kept to my vision of simplicity. The minute we tried to add to things or analyze something, is when the stress set in and it just felt forced and not like us at all.
Lastly, I suggest both of you being off all social media on your big day.
My full intention was to be totally present and it was the BEST thing I did for myself on my wedding day.
After I put my dress on, I tuned off my phone completely and didn’t turn it back on until the next day in the afternoon.
This even went into my Honeymoon and both my husband and I “detoxed” for over a week in paradise. It was blissful being unplugged and off the grid.

After much personal change in my life and the current state of world affairs, I’ve been thinking about the direction of my blog and what I would like to introduce as new content. My goal is to write more personal posts in 2018. I realized I have so much more to say and discuss than only beauty.
Most people don’t realize how much I like to discuss travel, women’s issues, Toronto (would love to do a food tour or neighborhood guide), confidence, self-care and the list goes on.
I’d also love to work with more new people this year, whether that is on a mutual project or in collaboration. I love sharing new ideas and getting inspiration by someone else who works differently than I do. It’s refreshing and always a great way to learn new things.
If you’re interested, drop me a line anytimeJ

So there you have it!
This post has been quite therapeutic for me.
I want to take this moment and say thank you to everyone and to the brands that I have worked with in 2017. It was beyond a pleasure and was great to have your support and encouragement along the way.
I am truly grateful.
Wishing you all happiness and health in 2018.

Happy New Year,

Rachelle xo 


  1. Beautiful post from a beautiful soul, this was so refreshing and real xo

    1. Aw you’re so sweet, gorgeous!
      Thank you for the love and support xo