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Kylie made me do it - Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

Love them or hate them, the Jenner's and Kardashian's know a thing or two when it comes to glamming up. I can fully admit to enjoying and following the famous family; whether I agree with their decisions or not. I have always admired their ability to look absolutely flawless both on and off screen. Every time I watch the show or check out their Snapchat stories, I'm always wanting to know how they are glammed up that day.
There's nothing I wouldn't give, to be a fly on the wall in one of their glam rooms.

To my surprise, I initially didn't get hooked into the hype around Kylie's Lipkit launch. I actually wanted to wait and see how the beauty community reacted to her covetable, liquid lipsticks. After hearing many reviews and blog posts, I decided that I needed make my own judgement. Feeling spendy, I bought 2 Lipkits and 1 Metal Matte lipstick.

There's no denying that the packaging is gorgeous. In each kit, you receive a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The Metal Mattes are the only ones where you don't get a lipliner. The best part? they smell divine, like a butterscotch cake. I love me some cake.

For those who know me well, my colour selection is obvious. I'm best known for wearing a bold lip, especially any tone of red. In the end, I went for Mary Jo K, 22 and Reign.

Mary Jo K is a true blue toned red and goes on bright and intense. I also love a great orange-red lip and 22 was a great choice. It goes on the lips a shade lighter, than what it appears in the tube.
Since we are in prime festival season, I wanted a real statement lip and chose Reign from the Metal Matte collection.
They all have the same consistent texture and apply like a dream to the lips. I find that I only have to apply one coat and it looks opaque and uniform throughout, with no patchy spots.

The lip liners that come in the kits, are the most creamiest and long lasting liners I have ever tried; and I own too many lip liners to count. You barely need to apply pressure and you have full colour payoff instantly.

As for the Metal Mattes, they have a different texture to them. They apply almost like a mousse and I recommend that less is more when applying. They also do not have the same durability like the regular Kylie matte lipsticks.
For the regular mattes, I noticed a wear time of 4-6 hours; depending what you are eating or doing while wearing them. With the Metal mattes, they last only about 2-3 hours and tend to wear off. Being that they are more of a creamy based formula, the longevity isn't meant to be prolonged.

What I love most about Kylie Cosmetics is that they truly have a colour for each person's taste or style. From palest nude to even black, Kylie has got you covered, girlfriend. With each restock being sold out-- its clear to see that she's doing something right.

I am beyond happy with the lipsticks that I got from the line up. I've been wearing mine since the day I got them in my hot little hands. They have lived up to my expectations and they have survived my daily routine and them some.
I can't wait to see what other colours she will be launching for Fall 2016.

Rachelle Xo


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